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• 8/13/2015

Major Announcement

Hello!, you may not know me but my name is Bryce and my username jokingly is Shruk.

Recently i put my eye on this wiki as a side project to where i do all my major editing which is the spookys house of jump scares wiki, now when i say "Side project" this doesnt mean that its only something i will be doing occassionally it will be more or less a permanent venture for me in the forseeable future to improve and update this wiki with any new or missed information despite the anime/manga being complete.

That being said its a huge job i cannot do on my own which is where you, the contributer comes in...I Have Opened a Forum that can be found under the on the wiki tab, this is important because thats where the majority of the off topic or not directly related to the information on the main page things should go, Likewise this is also the best place to grow the community and help eachother out.

while common contributers are certainly extremely helpful, im also interested in hiring admins for the wiki as its nearly impossible to do this by myself, even with non-frequent contributers...if you are interested leave a message on my wall and ill get back to you and watch your contributions and ill certainly take you into consideration :)!

finally, i hope you all will accept me as the new "Owner" of theJoshiraku wiki and i hope we can grow into a much more active community..Thanks!

PS. Please note that during the times of august 15th to september 4th i will be notably less active as i am going on vacation however i still intend to try my best to improve the wiki

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• 9/18/2015
welp not actually a whole lot too work on on this wiki i suppose
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