Anrakutei, Kukuru
Kukuru Anrakutei
Character Information

Anrakutei acts as the family name with "tei" ending all the family names of the characters.Her name also acts as a pun for "Unlucky" -"Anrakui".
Voiced by Saori Gotō

Other NamesEdit


Kukuru PJS

Hair Style: Long Straight Black hair parting at the front
Hair Color: Dark blue/Black.
Eye Color: Dark blue.
Kimono Color: Oceanic blue.
Inner Kimono Color: White.
Haori (jacket over kimono) Color: None.
Datejime (band around waist of kimono) Color:
Pajamas: Full body cow suit. Kigurumipajamas, ironic considering the name matches Harōkitei, Kigurumi yet she's not wearing them.


When asked what she normally does, she replied "I sleep" and then later in a more depressing tone "I envy others and desire things". She also revealed that normally she eats beef bowls.
Although first seen as the depressing, darker character, she acts just like a normal girl in a sense, though her personality can come close to that, she is not an eccentric and when she's in a good mood, she has a soft smile.