Bōhatei, Tetora
Tetora Bouhatei
Character Information

Bōhatei acts as the family name with "tei" ending all the family names of the characters. She's also the supposed main character of the series.
Voiced by Nozomi Yamamoto.

Other NamesEdit

Tora and Teto (names are generally only used by kigurumi)


Tetora PJS

Hair Style: A high pony tail, reaching just down to the bottom of her ears with a frayed end. A side parting with a thick fringe and pieces of hair reaching below her chin a the front to frame her face. Two small yellow clips hold her fringe in place to create the parting
Hair Color: Redish brown
Eye Color: Redish brown.
Kimono Color: Yellow.
Inner Kimono Color: Brown.
Haori (jacket over kimono) Color: None.
Datejime (band around waist of kimono) Color:
Pajamas: A full length, light blue, night dress with a wide collar starting at the shoulders. The collar is white with ruffles and connects at the centre, just above her chest, with a thin white string bow.


She states that she finds it hard to go into Gyūdon restaurants because there're a lot of men and you can't look too fashionable or too casual so she finds it hard to keep the balance of standing out and blending in.

Casual WearEdit


Top to bottom: Normal hair style, long sleeved white dress shirt with the ends rolled up slightly, sleeveless grey jumper with a small pink bunny symbol above her left breast, navy blue and white vertically stripped tie (tucked in), large white handbag with faint pink vertical stripes, flat (box-like) thigh-lengthed black skirt over light blue jeans rolled up to mid-calf with no visible socks and pink and white sneakers.