Buratei, Marii
Marii Buratei
Character Information

Buratei acts as the family name with "tei" ending all the family names of the characters. She's also the supposed main character of the series.
Voiced by Ayane Sakura.

Other NamesEdit



Hair Style:
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Orange
KimonoColor: Yellow
Inner Kimono Color: White
Haori (jacket over kimono) Color: Red
Datejime (band around waist of kimono) Color: Green
Pajamas: N/A (She states she sleeps naked)


The other four believe and immediately pin her down as someone who would usually wear a sweatsuit or something, this is later on proved to be true.

Marii is suspected by the other characters in the group (although it may or may not be a long running joke) to be a crossdressing boy due to her mannerisms, the way she speaks and acts ETC


  • Marii is essentially tone deaf
  • Marii has no rhythm in addition to her often awful timing
  • She has a blue bruise-looking spot on her right buttcheek known as a mongolian spot