Harōkitei, Kigurumi
Kigurumi Haroukitei
Character Information

Harōkitei acts as the family name with "tei" ending all the family names of the characters. Her first name also happens to be written the same way as [kigurumi] the pajama-like, full body suits. Though when they did the pajama party in the first anime episode, it was Kukuru who was wearing a kigurumi.

Voiced by Kotori Koiwai

Other NamesEdit



Kigurumi PJS

Hair Style: Slightly past chin in length, messy with no straight edges. A thin fringe ending just above the eyes with the central bit dipping slightly lower or creating a central parting. She has an ahoge.
Hair Color: Blonde.
Eye Color: Yellow, slightly darker than her hair color.
Kimono Color: Pink.
Inner Kimono Color: White.
Haori (jacket over kimono) Color: None.
Datejime (band around waist of kimono) Color:
Often seen with: A white fan.
Pajamas: Yellow two piece. Long sleeves and trousers. It has a folded collar but is not a button up, it also has paw prints in a slightly darker shade of yellow. She's seen holding a small white cushion with ruffles on both ends.                                                                                      

Height: seems to be around 152cm


When asked what she normally does, she replied "shop." Her music preference is Death Metal.

She usually appears as the "cutesy" young, innocent, girly character of the group. Often having to reply to their questions in such an idiotic way that she'll then reveal her inner performance to the audience. Her real personality which she hides from the group members is often only shown when she expresses how annoyed she is at them for their exaggerated expectations. However there's reason to believe that whatever the case may be, she may well be the youngest of the group as in a scene where they all drink beer at a festival visit, she's seen drinking what appears to be orange juice.

As a side note, the legal drinking and purchase age of Japan is 20 years old.

Casual WearEdit


From top to bottom: Normal hair style, turquoise green hoodie; zipped up with the hood down, a black collar peeking out from beneath, a yellow and white messenger bag, baggy white shorts, black stockings and blue and white converse-like shoes that pass the ankle.

Kigu Casual
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