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Joshiraku is a Anime series which had its original run from Jul 6, 2012 to Sep 28, 2012 as well as a manga series written by Kōji Kumeta which had its run from September 9, 2009 to September 9, 2013. Although the series has been retired the anime has gained a (albeit small) cult following and it is widely recognized as a grossly under appreciated Anime/Manga

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This wiki cover may seem extremely messy since it is just a starter for what is to become, a template for something greater if you will. this wiki for anyone who cares, does not have very active admins.. and since i care about the show a decent amount im gunna try to adopt the wiki and build it into something nicer like my other wikis, however i cant confirm that the wiki will be transferred since the wiki is so inactive that im having trouble imagining anyone will even read this...i think i have a fair chance.

please note that if any admins are reading this i apologize if you are still active and this is all just a misunderstanding but im fairly certain its not. you can easily undo this edit or i can show you how if u are unaware, however if an admin/crat is reading this id also love for them to consider allowing me to be admin/crat as i believe i have a lot to give to this wiki

PS. Rules will be added if i become admin and can actually add pages to the navbar.



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