Gankyou Kuurubiyuutei
Gankyou Kuurubiyuutei
Character Information

Kurubiyutei acts as the family name with "tei" ending all the family names of the characters.

Voiced by Yoshino Nanjō

Other NamesEdit

Gan, Gan-chan.


Gankyou PJS

Hair Style: Reaches her chin in length, it's all straight and even with her fringe stopping just above her eyes.
Hair Color: Dark, turquoise-like green.
Eye Color: Dark, turquoise-like green.
Kimono Color: Violet.
Inner Kimono Color: Purple.
Haori (jacket over kimono) Color: Dark purple.
Datejime (band around waist of kimono) Color:
Extra Details: Large square glasses.
Pajamas: Dark blue with Lighter blue lines to form a grid


When asked what she normally does, she replied "read books and surf the web..."

She is often very violent towards the other girls in the show and sometimes shown to be almost slightly insane

this of course is not the case as other times she is completely normal.

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